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Totally eclipsing the Sun yesterday was a moment of remarkable adventure for the solar system, and a moment of emotional adjustment for life within it. The skies blackened and witnesses interpreted this as a divine "sign".  The fact is everyday in every way the space and time surrounding your life is filled with signals and signs. When you’re paying attention, they consciously affect you, but when you’re unaware of them, they have an unconscious affect upon you what you don’t know, you cannot use. Unconscious signs and signals affect your life from behind the scenes of your senses, but when paying attention, you can capture this; maximize it, and use this threshold of a total solar eclipse. When the sun and the moon align perfectly, as they do during a total solar eclipse, they magnify each other's gravitational force and power. This has an acute influence on the fluids of the bodies of plants and animals, including humans. Because your body is seventy percent water like the ocean
there are tides inside which are caused by gravity. The perfect alignment of a total solar eclipse pulls these tides in your body like the tides of the oceans and shifts the position and weight of every cell in your physical world with many results. Particularly with your emotional body which is a part of your life that’s deeply rooted in water and tide during this time you’ll feel sensations unfamiliar to you. You’ll be having reactions that are unusual, while grasping for familiarity with every effort you can free from these distractions. Now is the time to counter this increased gravity with the tacking forces of levity purely tactful, positive and buoyant. Our prayer today and yesterday is that you slow your rhythms down, gather those you’re most comfortable with, and ride the waves of these dramatically shifting tides toward magnificence. Make no decisions and draw no conclusions in the midst of this all, but counter the gravity with profound levity your tide will lift all ships.

Negative thoughts come at you like arrows. Your strong positive arcline in the aura absorbs the energy of the thought and moves it spiraling up through the central channel of the spine to create more awareness above. The mantra cuts each thought so its form changes from negative to positive and it can be passed on to the central channel. In this way you are still, happy and master the upset that comes from the defensive thoughts.

You exist in perfect innocence,with your infinite self always present.Yet you deny controlling your very small kingdom,Tibeyoga can not do anything for you!
It is what you have to do with yoga when youhave lost touch with the beauty and openness of sky and the solid reality of the earth!
A very simple conversation is one of innocence,graritude and true presence.
Show up for your self to blocks and emotional corruptions that separate you from true vitality and innocence.
Free your self in speaking the original language of the elements.